Robotic mirror ultrasound imaging

In this project, we enable simultaneous scan of two legs using two 6 degrees of freedom robotic arms, each holding an ultrasound probe, and a Kinect device. The first probe can be operated (in cooperative mode with the robotic arm) by a technician to scan a region of interest on the first leg; the second probe is automatically operated by the second robotic arm scanning the same region on the second leg. To enable such simultaneous operation, several calibrations and registrations need to be done. The ultrasound calibrations find the transformation from robot endeffector to ultrasound images. An arm-arm calibration finds the transformation between the two robot bases. The Kinect-arm calibration finds the transformation matrix from Kinect coordinate system to one of the robot bases. Finally, the Kinect images are processed using iterative closest point registration to find the mirror matrix and transforms one leg to the other. A 6 DOF force sensor is used to enable smooth human-robot interaction.