High-speed Photoacoustic Imaging of Neurotransmittance Events

High-speed Photoacoustic Imaging of Neurotransmittance Events

Participants: Haichong Kai Zhang, Dr. Jeeun Kang, Dr. Jin U. Kang (ECE), Dr. Emad M. Boctor, Dr. Dr. Arman Rahmim (ECE, JHMI) Dr. Dean Wong (JHMI)

Picture2Observing the neurotransmittance in brain network is one of the most important step for understanding how can we, human, be ourselves, which includes the range from the metabolic and responsive mechanisms for life conservation to complicated high-level ability of thinking, recognition, and creation. We are developing a novel helmet-type brain imaging system which is capable of sensing fast-acting neurotransmittance (e.g., glutamate, GABA) with high PRF over 1KHz and high sensitivity using multi-wavelength photoacoustic coded excitation and compression method.